Anhui delxin Instrument Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience and technology for the development and production of instruments and meters for many years. The full practice and deep understanding of the industry has made us an important supplier and service provider in the field of domestic automation equipment.

Relying on Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute and Hefei University of technology and other powerful scientific and technological sources, the company has a preliminary scale of R & D and production base; established a series of production lines combining foreign technology and spirit; designed according to the international prevailing structure and in line with international IEC Standard sensor; has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification; is Anhui Province to support private high-tech enterprises.

At present, the company has more than 10 patented products, R & D and production products are: flow meter, thermal instrument, pressure instrument, level instrument, intelligent transmitter, intelligent digital display instrument, pipe valve parts, instrument panel cabinet, electric tracing belt, compensation cable and bridge, etc. the products are widely used in electric power, cement, chemical industry, steel, water treatment, glass, paper-making and other fields, And exported to Africa, Europe, Asia and more than 10 countries.

"Keep improving and build a brand" is our long-term pursuit. Strict quality management system enables us to achieve "no defect" delivery; good technical support and strong sales service network ensure that we can provide good technology, excellent products, honest delivery and prompt service to customers.

We firmly believe that good quality products and high quality service can create great benefits for customers.

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